PART ONE History, Physical Examination, and Medical Records

Chapter 1: Ruminant History, Physical Examination, Welfare Assessment, and Records

Chapter 2: Equine History, Physical Examination, Records, and Recognizing Abuse or Neglect in Patients

PART TWO Manifestations of Disease

Chapter 3: Pain

Chapter 4: Alterations in Body Temperature

Chapter 5: Alterations in Respiratory Function

Chapter 6 Alterations in Cardiovascular and Hemolymphatic Systems

Chapter 7: Alterations in Alimentary and Hepatic Function

Chapter 8: Localization and Differentiation of Neurologic Diseases

Chapter 9: Alterations in Body Weight or Size

Chapter 10: Alterations in Urinary Function

Chapter 11: Alterations in the Skin

Chapter 12: Alterations in Sexual Function

Chapter 13: Musculoskeletal Abnormalities

Chapter 14: Collapse and Sudden Death

PART THREE Disorders and Management of the Neonate

Chapter 15: The Peripartum Period

Chapter 16: Assessment of the Newborn Foal

Chapter 17: Manifestations and Management of Disease in Foals

Chapter 18: The Peripartum Ruminant

Chapter 19: Initial Management and Clinical Investigation of Neonatal Disease

Chapter 20: Manifestations and Management of Disease in Neonatal Ruminants

Chapter 21: Colostrum and Milk Replacers

PART FOUR Collection of Samples and Interpretation of Laboratory Tests

Chapter 22: Clinical Chemistry Tests

Chapter 23: Collection and Submission of Samples for Hematologic and Cytologic Evaluation

Chapter 24: Alterations in the Erythron

Chapter 25: Alterations in the Leukogram

Chapter 26: Alterations in Blood Proteins

Chapter 27: Alterations in Hemostasis

Chapter 28: Collection and Analysis of Bone Marrow

Chapter 29: Molecular Diagnostics in Large Animals

PART FIVE Disorders of the Organ Systems

Chapter 30: Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

Chapter 31: Diseases of the Respiratory System

Chapter 32: Diseases of the Alimentary Tract

Chapter 33: Diseases of the Hepatobiliary System

Chapter 34: Diseases of the Renal System

Chapter 35: Diseases of the Nervous System

Chapter 36: Mammary Gland Health

Chapter 37: Diseases of the Hematopoietic and Hemolymphatic Systems

Chapter 38: Diseases of the Bones, Joints, and Connective Tissues

Chapter 39: Diseases of the Eye

Chapter 40: Diseases of the Skin

Chapter 41: Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases

Chapter 42: Diseases of Muscle

Chapter 43: Diseases of the Reproductive System

PART SIX Preventive and Therapeutic Strategies

Chapter 44: Critical Care and Fluid Therapy

Chapter 45: Rational Antimicrobial Therapy

Chapter 46: Biosecurity and Infection Control for Large Animal Practices

Chapter 47: Prevention, Detection, and Response to Transboundary (Foreign) Animal Diseases

Chapter 48: Use of Biologics in the Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Chapter 49: Parasite Control Programs

Chapter 50: Nutrition of the Sick Animal

PART SEVEN Congenital, Hereditary, Immunologic, and Toxic Disorders

Chapter 51: Genetic Disorders

Chapter 52: Genetic Tests for Large Animals

Chapter 53: Immunologic Disorders

Chapter 54: Disorders Caused by Toxicants